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Dear Melosians,

The Melos Studio team has been pushing for decentralization and making it community-driven. We are now happy to announce the Melos Studio forum and DAO. A space where you can propose, discuss and vote to improve the platform, the service and the products on the official website and implement the decentralization process.


  1. Please note that the Melos Studio forum account needs to be the same as the account on the official Melos Studio website. This will allow you to use wave points from your Melos Studio account.

  2. If you need to change your username, please do it directly on the official Melos Studio website.

If the rules of any discrepancies between the article in Melos Studio’s Meidum account and Melos Studio’s DAO forum, the article shall prevail.

Please go through the links below to read more details about Melos Studio DAO Forum.

Medium link: Introducing the Melos Studio DAO Forum | by Melos.Studio | May, 2022 | Medium

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Glad to participate in the forum

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happy to be here as Well!

Good morning community