Listen-to-earn record player proposal

listen-to-earn record player proposal

Proposal Number: MELOS#003
Proposal Date: June 15, 2022
Proposal name: listen-to-earn record player proposal
Proposal Type: Community

Proposal author: ssy | Melos
Subject of Proposal.
Let melos hear the voice of the community, fight for the welfare of community members, and keep the community healthy and growing.

To thank the early community members for embracing and accompanying melos, and to maintain the interests of community members so that the community can grow in a healthy and lasting way and maintain the embrace and enthusiasm for melos as the backbone of the project’s long-term development.

melos has issued several sets of nft from the beginning of the project until now, but because of various reasons has not been open nft mining pool, early members have hoarded a large number of nft in their hands, and so far has not provided a functional scenario to use these nft.

The listener-to-earn mining feature to be released this time requires a combination of record player + record to mine. Records can be synthesized using previously released nft, but the record player still needs to be purchased or rented to use.

Early members have been holding nft for more than half a year, but now they still need to buy new nft to go to use old nft, which is very unfair to early members and not conducive to the circulation of previous nft.

In order to keep the community healthy and allow melos to develop in the long run, I hope the project can waive the cost of purchasing the record player this time, so that early members can participate in the project as soon as possible.

Operating Instructions:
To be fair, give nft holders the right to claim a record player for free.

Proposal roadmap/plan:
Users need to withdraw nft from coinan to melos official website, and hold nft in the official account to be eligible to claim the record player, and each account can only claim one record player.

Proposal discussion time:
Proposal discussion starts at 13:30 PM UTC June 15, 2022
Proposal discussion ends on June 18, 2022 at 13:30 PM UTC

I agree to the proposal

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